simple front by optimizing sunlight for daytime lighting
This house was designed to optimize the environmental conditions that exist in tropical climates where the temperature tends to heat, the use of glass walls are intended to make the sun a source of lighting, especially in the afternoon.This home is located in the Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica.
use of glass walls to take advantage of natural lighting for indoor lighting
beautiful view of the house seemed in harmony with the environment

lawn and landscape around the house, it is very beautiful
Exterior design of this house is amazing, simple and dynamic, very clever architect to design and organize the house and look around so that the home environment is truly integrated with nature and atmosphere of a tropical climate. Modern house design for tropical climates was designed by Arquitectos Costa Rica
The following is a look of modern home designs interior design for tropical climates :
Good room lighting and color design with an excellent arrangement of furniture

dominated the bedroom wall of glass so it looks spacious and close to the park

looks luxurious bathroom with a combination of colors using natural textured materials

Arrangement of the interior design is very beautiful and looks luxurious and the view from the inside out so freely, so the park and the surrounding environment can be seen from inside the house.


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