One of the big house projects we haven't tackled yet is the built-in bookshelves in the front room we're calling the library (it's the sunken space just inside the entry). I have a handful of inspiration images and a few drawings that I want to share with you guys. It's turning into a sort of expensive project, so I'm nervous about pulling the trigger. More on that later though. In the meantime, I've been making some progress on decorating the other side of the room!

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We had my Lee roll arm sofa (which we've had for almost a decade! - a record for me!) upholstered in a mohair that I got for something insanely cheap, like $15 a yard, on sale at my old favorite fabric store in the city, JEM. It's a deep moody charcoal with lots of blue-green undertones. When the upholsterer dropped off the sofa a few weeks ago, my Gracie said now it was the color of the ocean and I think she was spot-on.

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The newest addition to the space is this pair of bright yellow Henredon chairs I got from a consignment store for $50. I picked them up at the same time and place that I got the pink ikat sofas (they were probably owned by the same person).

 photo IMG_1614.jpg

I fell in love with the color and the Schumacher strie velvet was pretty new, just a little marked up from sitting in the store. And I knew the chairs could look a little more modern if I removed the skirts and left off the back cushions.

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When I got them home, I used a damp microfiber cloth to take off most of the smudges. I usually give all my vintage upholstered finds a good vacuuming and then a pass over with my steamer in case there are any mites or bed bugs (haven't had any problems yet).

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The feet aren't my favorite, but they look better than the skirts and I have some ideas for changing them up down the road.

 photo IMG_9881.jpg

 photo IMG_9909.jpg

The room's far from finished, but it's fun to have a place to sit and host visitors. I'm on the fence about the Designer's Guild pillows on the sofa. The green bergeres have needed new upholstery for a long time now (thinking gray Bengal Bazaar or some other pattern in a neutral color) and the rug is there temporarily. I do like the magnolia mirror in that spot though! 

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