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2013 is rocking us a little. Michael and I have been working like dogs. We definitely had a weekend's worth of work to do, but when Saturday morning rolled around and the sun was shining  and spring was calling, we decided to throw work to the curb and hit the streets.

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We ended up at the Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Gardens, where we were able to catch the blossoms in full bloom. 

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Catching blossom petals before they hit the ground is good luck in our family. My girls say that they get a wish for every petal. Among others, Saturday's wishes included:

1) That Linus would learn the standing trick
2) That we would build a swimming pool in our back yard (???) :)
3) That the street fair that was right by our house last weekend would come back soon.

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Note to self: working weekends are never necessary. 


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