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I've been planning on making my own upholstered headboard for our bedroom for a while now, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Then recently I was looking on Wayfair for frameless mirrors for a project when I stumbled across this headboard. It was less than $250 for a queen, which is not a whole lot more than the cost of supplies for making my own tufted headboard.

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I was seriously so impressed with the quality of the headboard when it arrived. I thought I would have to mount it on the wall like some of the cheapy ones out there, but this one comes with two height-adjustable legs, which is great because it's a pretty heavy piece. The color is a sort of khaki brown (a little more olive than these photos). I actually don't mind the color in the room, but I bought a couple of yards of this deep oxblood velvet remnant from my upholsterer, and I'm thinking it would be a breeze to recover this thing in like an afternoon.

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I was wearing one of my favorite nail polish colors (Essie's Wicked) when I bought the velvet and my upholsterer was like, "soooooo... you really like this color, don't you?" #awkward

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The color is pretty in here though, right? With a brighter brass on the nailhead I think. Or maybe polished nickel nailhead...


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