Art is definitely one of those subjective things. Something that speaks to me might not be your bag. When I brought home this portrait from the flea market a few months ago, Heather was not a big fan (I think she likes it more now). I love it though. I'm fascinated by more abstract portraiture and I love the colors of this one.

 photo DSC_0349.jpg

The vendor who sold me this painting had a lot of pieces from the estate of a Connecticut artist named Lucy Baker. This portrait though was not one of her works, but was a trade from one of her artist friends, Thomas Barron. He wrote a little note saying so on the back.

 photo DSC_0336.jpg

 photo DSC_0369-1.jpg

I had her hanging in our bedroom for a while and I think I preferred her in there. But the electric grape color of her shirt just looks so pretty with the chartreuse console table, it seemed a shame to keep her hidden away, even though there's a much grander dame in the room already. :)

 photo LGNConsoleTable3.jpg

 photo DSC_0360-1.jpg

Oh! And by the way, I went back to Home Depot this week to find out the paint color of the console. It's "Citronette" from the Home Decorator's Collection line from BEHR.


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