We recently did a little bedroom switch up. Michael and I are downstairs on the garden level now and Heather is up in the smaller bedroom, by the kids room. We were having trouble fitting all our clothes in the tiny 8x13 room. And with Michael and I both working late nights downstairs and with the kids sleeping through the night consistently, it just made sense to switch. While Heather was out of town last week, I redid her room as a Christmas surprise and it turned out pretty great. I'm excited to share. We went really dark with the walls (not quite black).

Our new room downstairs is getting overhauled too. The sticking point has been finding a pair of matching dressers with really specific dimensions that would work with a weird bump out in the room. It was hard to make any design decisions before figuring out the dresser situation. After more than a month of searching, I found these birdseye maple (scratch that - apparently the chests are crotch mahogany!) Empire style chests from the 30s at an auction house in New Jersey. The dimensions are *perfect* and I love the look. Success!

Now on to the rest of the room! Wouldn't a dark gray, like BM Anchor Gray be pretty with the wood? Chunky white moulding. White shades maybe. Not sure about the bedding. I have some hotel bedding like this but black embroidery that might be great with some fun shams (these sheets are a steal and have a similar look if you're in the market). Maybe a natural fiber on the floors?

What do you have going on this weekend? Are you still wiped out from the holidays or are you ready to take 2013 by storm? Depending on how you're feeling I hope it's a productive or restful weekend! xx


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